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Driveway Alarms


There are many options to think of when deciding the best alert system for your home, office or business.

With five models of door and driveway announcers, RodannTech can help you choose the best fit for your individual needs. 

Call (800) 366-7010 for support. 

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Picture of TX/RX2000A Driveway Announcer

TX/RX2000A Driveway Announcer

The TX/RX2000A driveway alarm and alert system adds security to your home or office. The only Rodann Electronics system designed for outdoor use, the TX/RX2000A includes a weather resistant motion detector and sensor that can transmit to a receiver up to 1000 feet away.*
Picture of TX2000A


TX-2000A: Additional detectors can be added to any TX/RX-2000A to provide notification of another outdoor entry or driveway.
Picture of RX2000A


RX2000A: Additional notifiers with reset able LCD counter can be added to any TX/RX2000A to provide up to 1000 ft from a TX-2000A or to wire additional notifiers (siren, strobe, speaker or buzzer). Also works with TX1000A.