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The Shocking Truth About Batteries

All batteries are not created equal. When choosing batteries to power up your Rodann door and/or driveway announcers, you do not want to go on the cheap. The manufacturer highly recommends Duracell or Energizer batteries, and here at, we have to agree. Store brand and discount batteries may save you some money over Duracell or Energizer initially, but when those batteries need to be replaced in 3 months, 6 months, or even right out of the package (dead batteries happen, even in a brand-new pack), it will cost you even more. So spending a little extra now for good batteries can save you money in the long run.
Another thing about batteries most people don’t know? They have an expiration date. And THAT can affect how well a battery works. Whether you are buying AA batteries for a TX1000A/TX2000A, a CR 2450 button battery for a CX1000A, or a 9V battery for the SL-40, be sure to look for that expiration date BEFORE you buy. Battery producers give batteries a shelf-life of about 10 years, so if you get a battery with an expiration date of 2022, you know that battery was made in 2012. Not exactly the freshest battery out there, even if you literally just purchased it off the shelf. Smaller stores that don’t sell many batteries constantly rotate older stock to the front, so you can conceivably buy batteries off the shelf that are almost 10 years old! And that will affect how well your TX1000A, TX2000ASL-40 and CX1000A will work.
If you’ve had your unit for a year or more, and it starts “malfunctioning,” it may be time to change those batteries. Remember, you want to invest in your investment. When you need to change batteries, don’t grab any ol’ 9V or AA battery rolling around in the junk drawer, or off the shelf of your local convenience store. You’ll just end up having to replace them in a matter of days or weeks. Take care of your door/driveway announcer using the guidelines above, and it will take care of you.
You might be thinking that batteries seem like too much of a hassle but, depending on how much traffic you get (and if you buy good batteries), AA batteries could last a year or more in the TX1000A/TX2000A. But if changing batteries once or twice a year still seems like too much work, does offer a hard-wired solution! The AV-200 does not require batteries. Feel free to check it out in our door announcer section, if you like.

Set and Forget

Is the AV-200 really the last hardwired door entry alert? Here at RodannTech we have done extensive research looking for a hardwired system made by other companies and can't find one, we have been told by customers that the AV-200 is the only hardwired door announcer on the market and we are starting to think that as well! Even though the TX/RX1000A was able to ring 1 million times on one set of batteries, Rodann Electronics still sees the need for a hardwired door entry alert and we agree! In some buildings a wireless signal just isn’t an option, the signal can be hindered due to building materials, wiring, Wi-Fi routers, neon signs or even a desktop radio. Don’t get me wrong I think Rodann has the best wireless door announcers out there. There are those times though when I’m glad that RodannTech and the AV-200 are still around.


The  TX/RX1000A can announce visitors to an office, delivery trucks to the dock, or buzz you from the stock room when customers enter. Perhaps an electronic door chime isn't enough, but you'll need a customer door counter for feedback when an Associate is working. This count helps provide information on advertising campaigns, daily tallies for peak days, and weekly traffic flow. Bookwork and customers can overlap with orders arriving. Providing speakers or buzzers for deliveries allow alerts and customer coverage to overlap. Pick from four tones to customize your unit.

Nighttime security or a large noisy facility may drive the need or desire to add a siren or a strobe or even a wireless door alarm. The accessories available with  TX1000A  and  RX1000A  can tailor security to meet the unique needs of your business. This is the unit that can add additional sensors, can notify with a siren or strobe, or speakers and buzzers all to assist owners to prevent unannounced entry and help control theft. If you need a unit up and ready quickly, even the tech-challenged can successfully install this detection unit.

The detector is powered by three AA batteries with a wireless signal that operates up to five-hundred feet for indoor use. This fully automatic economical unit comes with a universal mounting bracket for easy mounting. The wiring is uncomplicated for accessories and can be installed in minutes. Rodann TX1000A and RX1000A units are fully automatic and maintenance free and come with a one year warranty against defects in material or workmanship (FCC approved.)

This is the direction to move so that when the door chimes you will be ready to ring up the sales.

Our Customers are Amazing!

These photos were sent in by one of our customers who was having trouble with his  TX2000A units  and his property being vandalized. His property backs up to a public hiking trail so the idea of having a fence was out. He needed something , here come the TX/RX2000A, with multiple sensors set around his property he now has a level of situational awareness he never had before. He is not only able to tell if someone is on his property but where they came in from as well.

Units were working fine everything was great until one day they turns out the transmitters had been destroyed ,he found pieces of his transmitters all over the ground. What would you do? What would I do, I’m not sure but I wouldn't have thought of this that’s for sure!

Here is what he came up with .

(Notice the hole in the top of the meatal box so he wouldn't lose range)



Door Alerts and Announcers Make Business More Efficient

Which kinds of businesses need a door announcer? The easy answer is, they all do. The tough follow-up question owners' face is what product to buy. A Rodann entry alert makes the solution simple. It also keeps the cost down because you only need to purchase what your business needs and can configure them with many options and accessories. If they need changes, it is simple to add on to most of their models.

Quick Security Solutions for Business Office and Home

Quick Security Solutions for Business, Office and Home. Today's businesses and homes are more vulnerable than in years past. With business owners aware of the need of stepped-up security for offices and stores, these needs often leave owners wondering where to turn for quick solutions.

Smart Door Announcer for Small Business

Small business owners can operate at a disadvantage with customers more and more accustom to the big-box store where either self-service is expected or within a mall stores where trailing Associates are able to personalize the shopping experience. To help keep customers satisfied with timely service and to also alert an owner or Associate to customer at an entrance, a pleasant announcer can offer the personal touch. Using one or more inexpensive Rodann SL-40 motion detectors offers a simple solution while also offering protection for the premise.

Make the Registers Ring

When you need to know who is coming and going and when business and people interact, having a door announcer can make the day more profitable! Do you have deliveries coming to the back door and customers to the front, but you're the only one there? A Rodann wireless alert system can expand to cover all of your business needs. This is the unit that will add "assistance" without the need to add to your payroll.